Guitar Tuner is

Xitona Guitar Tuner is a digital audio tuner for Windows.

You can use it to accurately tune your guitar in a wide variety of tunings. It is capable of ”hearing” your guitar through a microphone input, so you are able to tune guitars that do not have electrical audio output. It also capable of producing midi tones, so that you can tune you guitar this way as well. Using reference tones is better for some purposes, for example when you install a new set of strings and doesn’t need to tune the strings exactly. I recommend using midi tones for rough tuning and digital tuning when perfection is required. If you think you can tune your guitar exactly using only reference tones, you’re poorly wrong... (in most cases)

To explain it theoretically, when you are using reference tones and the frequencies are roughly the same, a great resonance is produced. In this case reference tone become source of forced oscillation, which cause strings oscillation on the same frequency. And it sounds like guitar is tuned. But actually own string frequency can greatly differ from reference tone. That’s why preferably to use passive system which only listen and does not provide any sound oscillations.

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